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Calligraphy banner size: 88 x 168cm
Banner size of 'Cicada Singing': 56 x 108cm

Banner size 88X168cm
Banner size of
Landscape painting with a long history banner size:132乘283cm
Wind Follow Banner Size 88X168cm
Banner size: 132X283cm
Shede Banner Size 81 x 190cm
Vertical dimension of
Prosperous Business Banner Size: 58 x 138cm
Spring, summer, Autumn and winter banner size: 86X166cm
Size of banner of
Ruixue Zhaofeng year vertical size: 50X90cm
Mountain Temple Yunyan vertical size: 75X135cm
Vertical size of ancient tree cangtai: 65X125cm
Vertical size of Mountain tiger: 88X168cm
Xiongfengjicui banner size: 109X198cm
Welcome pine banner size: 88X210cm
Qiushan green vertical size: 50X90cm
Long vertical size: 50X90cm
Long history landscape painting banner size: 88X210cm
Spring quiet Xia Qing vertical size: 50X90cm
Jiang Estate Autumn rhyme banner size: 109X210cm
Banner size: 53X120cm
Chenyan landscape painting banner size: 88X168cm
Landscape painting banner Size: 132X283cm
Sunrise banner size: 88X210cm
八骏图 横幅尺寸:89*180cm
Range Rover Fengyun Banner size: 88X168cm
Banner size: 76X163cm
Fugui Ping An Peony banner size: 109X210cm
Qifeng green landscape painting banner size: 87X210cm
Tea tasting four feet square size: 89X89cm
Yunqi Yi Tianshan banner size: 66X125cm
Jiuzhaigou Landscape Painting banner size: 50X166cm
The Great Wall banner measures 132X283cm
Flower and bird painting
Flower and bird painting
Flower and bird painting
Vincennes has been dabbling in Danqing since childhood, and his works have won more than ten national painting and calligraphy competition awards; The works created in the past 20 years have been collected by people at home and abroad...【+More

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